Organization Administrators have the ability to edit user account information for multiple users at once through the Users system management view and Worklist feature. 

Mass User Edit:

To edit a group of users available within a single page of users or all users within the organization simply select each or all of the users then click the Edit button.

Click the check box to activate the field you wish to edit for all selected users. Enter or select the desired data and click the Save button to make the change.


The Worklist feature allows you to select multiple users from across multiple pages of users for the purpose of editing the same user field data for each user in the Worklist.

To begin building a Worklist the Organization Administrator will click the Administration tab then the Users system management link.

Select each student to be added to the Worklist by clicking the check box located to the left of the student name then click the Add To Worklist button to add the selected user(s) to the Worklist.

Click the Worklist tab to enter the Worklist view. Select all or specific users within the Worklist then click the Edit button.