On some occasions you may find it necessary to clear the completion of a course. In most cases this will be accompanied by the resetting of certain course elements.

To clear the completion of a course:

Click the Instructor Gradebook tab then click the offering name or gradebook icon for the course offering where the student is registered:

The default view of the Offering Gradebook is to display the students who are currently Registered/In Progress, these are students who have yet to complete the course. Since you are clearing the completion of a completed course you will need to change the display view to see completed students.

Click the filter drop down menu and choose the All or Complete option:

Locate the name of the completed student within the list, click on the offering grade %:

NOTE:  You can also enter the name of the student in the search field to locate a specific student.

Upon clicking the grade the grade field will become active and the current grade will be highlighted. Press the Delete key on your keyboard to remove the current grade.

Press the Enter key on your keyboard to save the change. Notice now that the offering Status has been changed to "In Progress".

Now that you have cleared the course completion your student will now find the course available once again in the My Courses area of the Home tab. However, if you have not also reset certain course elements or added new course elements the course will immediately be marked complete upon entry by the student. If you need additional assistance with resetting course elements Click Here