Administrators can generate reports that can be HTML or .CSV (can be opened and edited in a spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel).

Administrator reports like registration or completion reports.
Gradebook reports that show student grades, dates, times, status, etc.
User report that shows all users in the organization.

Administrator reports:

1. Click on the the Administration tab
2. Click on reports:

3. Click on the report you would like to generate, choose date range and output type and click continue. Note: CSV output type is editable in Microsoft Excel.

Instructor Gradebook reports:

You can generate a gradebook report for offerings to get all the students information for that offering in a CSV format that can be edited in spreadsheet program, like Microsoft Excel.

1. Click on the Instructor Gradebook tab
2. Find the offering in the list of available offerings
3. Click the offering name or the gradebook icon on the left:

4. You can use the filter to get more or less info in the report:

5. Click the Export button on the left:

6. Choose what you would like to show in the report and click the save button. You can then open and edit the data with the spreadsheet program.

Student reports:

You can export all student to a CSV that will include user fields.

1. Click on the the Administrator tab
2. From manage users, click on the export button on the left: