Chalkboard video playback issues are normally due to corrupt browser cache, outdated or missing Adobe Flash and local network issues.

Click Here for information regarding DigitalChalk's minimum system requirements

  • Click Here to verify if Adobe Flash is installed and up to date
    • Verify that you see the small movie playing on the screen, if not, Flash is not properly installed on your system. If you do see the movie, scroll down to entry number 2 on the screen to see which version of Flash that you have installed.

If after following each of the tips above you find that you are still experiencing video playback difficulties it is best to try a different internet browser, different computer, or different internet connection. This is a good way to tell if your issue is related specifically to a certain internet browser or computer. If you experience the same issue when using another internet browser or computer and you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact DigitalChalk Support via email at: