Note:  The Offering Facilitator role is available for Enterprise accounts only.

The Offering Facilitator role allows you to give specified individuals in your organization the ability to review student progress as well as grade and reset course elements. The role can be assigned to user ID's by an Organization Administrator. Once a user has been assigned the Offering Facilitator role they can then be assigned to facilitate specific course offerings within the Instructor Gradebook. Offering Facilitators have only the ability to view and manage course element grades within the Instructor Gradebook for those course offerings to which they have been assigned.

For information on creating or managing user ID's as well as assigning user roles
Click Here

  • follow this process to assign the Offering Facilitator role to any individual within your organization

Assigning an Offering Facilitator to a Course Offering

  • Click the Manage Course tab
  • Click on the name of the course
  • Click the Edit Offerings sub-category tab
  • Click on the name of the course offering
    • If you need assistance with creating a course offering Click Here
  • Click the Facilitators tab
  • Make your desired allowed Facilitator selection

Note:  When selecting the Specific Course Administrators or Offering Facilitators option you must be sure to also select at least one Course Administrator from the list along with your selected Offering Facilitator. If you neglect to do this your organization administrators will lose the ability manage the course offering.