All refund requests must come from an authorized course or organization administrator. To pursue a course purchase refund for a student you must send a refund request to that includes the following information:

  • student name
  • course offering name
  • date the student registered for the offering

Once our support team has received this information they will review the request and grant the refund in accordance with the DigitalChalk refund policy. You can obtain and review a copy of our current refund policy here:

If we are able to initiate a refund on the same business day as the date of purchase we should be able to cancel the transaction and there will be no charges incurred to your organization or the student. In the event that we are not able to grant a refund on the same business day as the date of purchase we must pass the credit card processing fee to your organization. If the student has completed a reasonable amount of the course prior to requesting the refund we may need to pass the DigitalChalk delivery fee to your organization as well. In this case you may decide to pass this fee along to your student. It is a good idea to consider adopting a refund policy for your organization that students can review prior to purchasing your courses.