You can use your PowerPoint file and the Web Archive element type to create a self-paced slide presentation where your student can read and click through the slides at their own pace. This tip will provide instructions on how to save your PowerPoint file as a web page.

Note: This process will not work on PowerPoint version 2010 or later as Microsoft has removed this functionality.

Open your PowerPoint file using the PowerPoint software that you have installed on your computer

Choose the File and then Save As option

Click the Format drop-down menu

Select the Web Page option

Click the Web Options button

Click the Pictures tab and select your desired display size, 640x480 is recommended. Click the OK button after you have made your selections

Click the Save button

PowerPoint will create two files in the save location; 1. a folder that contains all your web page files, and 2. an index file with the .htm extension

You will need to zip the folder and the .htm file together to create a single zip file for upload to your Web Archive element

For assistance in creating a zip file choose one of the options below for specific instructions

Click Here for instructions on how to create a Web Archive element