Filter Bookmarks and Catalog Links

Filter Bookmarks allow you to create filtered views of items that you can return to as you need them. This feature can be found under the Manage Courses tab within the course management options of Offerings and Categories. Likewise, it is available under the Administration tab within the Users system management link.

One common use of this feature is to create catalog links that direct students to specific courses or groups of courses within the catalog. To build a custom catalog link:

  • Click the Manage Courses tab

  • Click the Offerings course management link on the left

  • Use the filter or advanced filter option (gear icon on right) to create a list of courses, or a single course, that you desire students to view upon click of your catalog link

  • Mouse over the Filter Bookmarks area on the left and click the New Bookmark link

  • Give your bookmark a Title

  • Select whether the bookmark should be available to Just Me (only you) or to My Organization (everyone in your organization)

  • Assign a tracking code (Affiliate Code) if necessary

  • Click the Save button

  • Mouse over the Bookmark title that you just created and click the Catalog Link icon

  • Copy the generated link and add it to any desired location

Tip:  If you would like to create a list of offerings that do not share common text in their title or description, simply edit each of the offerings adding a common keyword to each.

Viewing tracking codes in reports

If you entered a tracking code when creating a catalog link, all registrations received from users who click on that link will automatically record the tracking code into the registration and account reports.