To use a GoToMeeting screen recording within DigitalChalk you must first properly configure your GoToMeeting recording settings. You must also allow time for GoToMeeting to properly process the file once the recording is complete. Here are some specifics from the GoToMeeting web site:

Windows Media Player File Format

Selecting the "Convert to Windows Media Player" file option will allow you to distribute your meeting recording without requiring recipients to have GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar or the G2M2/G2M4 video codec installed on their computers. However, keep in mind the following points:

  • Allow time for the conversion to take place. The time needed is dependent upon video content, CPU speed and amount of memory available.
  • It may be impossible to use GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar during the time that you are converting a meeting recording to a Windows Media Player format because your computer is busy converting the video (may result in choppy screen sharing). Note that the conversion process begins immediately after you end or leave a meeting.

NOTE:  You must end the GoToMeeting session before the conversion to the proper format takes place.
You will see the following image displayed on your screen while the conversion to the Windows Media Player file type is taking place.

Use the following instructions to setup a GoToMeeting recording for use within DigitalChalk:
  • launch your GoToMeeting application and start a meeting
  • click the View link found at the top of the GoToMeeting control panel
  • ensure that the Recording option is selected
  • click the File link found at the top of the GoToMeeting control panel
  • select the Recording category
  • select your desired Audio recording setting
  • select the Convert to Windows Media Player file video format
  • click the OK button

  • click the Start Recording button in the GoToMeeting control panel
  • when you are finished with recording click the Stop Recording button in the GoToMeeting control panel
  • close the GoToMeeting session
  • in a few moments you will receive a GoToMeeting recording conversion meeting popup on your screen. Once the conversion completes the popup will close.
  • upload the converted file to DigitalChalk

For additional information regarding the recording of GoToMeeting content please visit GoToMeeting's Support center at: