A student who has completed the course would do the following to access the test results;

  • click the Completed Courses tab on the Dashboard
  • click the course name or thumbnail image
  • click the Review Test link for the test
A student who has not yet completed the course can access the test results within the active course;
  • click the Current Courses tab on the Dashboard
  • click on the name of the course
  • click on the completed test element within the course elements list
It should also be noted that the student's ability to view test results within the gradebook for a completed course is directly dependent upon the test element revisit strategy. For example, if the revisit strategy for a test element is set to default (view until course completion) the student would be able to see the test results only until the course is marked complete. After course completion the test results would no long be available.

If you would like for your students to continue having access to test results beyond course completion you must change the element revisit strategy for the tests within your course. To change the revisit strategy;
  • click the Manage Courses tab
  • click on the name of the course
  • click the Manage Course Elements sub-category tab
  • click on the name of your test
    • if your test element has previously be activated you must also select the Edit The Live Version Option
  • click the Revisit sub-category tab
  • check the Override Default Settings option
  • choose your desired revisit strategy
  • click the Save button