Use the Assignment element if you want to include essay questions and offline assignments as part of a course.

To add an Assignment element:

  • Click the Manage Courses tab.  The Courses list is displayed.
  • Click on the name of the course.  The Edit Course Details window is displayed with a task list.
  • Click Manage Course Elements from the task list.

  • The Elements list for the course is displayed.
  • Click Add an Assignment From the Course Elements list.  The Add an Assignment window is displayed.  Enter the general information for the assignment.  Click on a field to see an explanation of what to enter. 

  • Click the Create button when you've finished entering the general information for the assignment.
  • The assignment you added is displayed on the Elements list, and the Edit Assignment Details window is displayed with a task list.

  • Specify whether you want the assignment to be auto-graded, and whether the assignment is an offline assignment, then click the Save button.
Auto-grade assignment
  • If you click the Auto-grade check box, students are assigned a 100% grade on this assignment when they submit it. 
  • If you do not click the Auto-grade check box, a course administrator must manually grade the assignment when it is submitted.
  • Depending on how your courses are set up, students may need to wait for manual grading to continue with the course.
Offline assignment:
  • Click the Offline Assignment check box to provide written instructions for an assignment students will complete offline.  No written response is required by the students, though they must still click the Submit button to complete the assignment. 

Now that you've added the Assignment element, you can manage the details of the assignment by selecting the following from the task list:

  • Preview Assignment - View the assignment as the student see it. For more information, see Previewing an element or a course.
  • Revisit - Specify if, and how long after completion, you want the student to be able to go back and review the assignment. For more information, see Revisiting an element.
  • Availability - Specify when the student is able to take this assignment.
  • Visibility - Specify when the student is able to see this assignment as part of the course.
  • Activate - Make this assignment an active part of the course. Only active course elements are visible to the student taking the course. For more information, see Activating an element.
  • Copy this Element - Use this element as a template for another assignment. For more information, see Copying an element.
  • Delete this Element - Delete the assignment. For more information, see Deleting an element.
  • Notifications - Create ready for grading and element completion notifications.