To replace your media without losing all of your current slide transitions, chapters and checkpoints within the timeline, the answer really lies within the order in which you perform the steps. The correct order of the process is as follows;

  • click the Manage Courses tab
  • click on the title of the course where the chalkboard resides
  • click the Manage Course Elements sub-category tab
  • click on the chalkboard title
    • if the chalkboard has been previously activated click the Edit The Live Version button
  • click the Edit Chalkboard sub-category tab
  • click the Manage Media link
  • upload the new media
  • once the media has finished processing click the Choose link for the new media clip:

Performing the steps in this order will ensure that all slide transitions, chapters and checkpoints which were previously added to the timeline will remain intact.

NOTE: If your media new media file is shorter in duration than your original media file, transitions that would have occurred on the timeline after the end time of your new media file will still be erased.