Use the Test element to evaluate the student understanding of the course material.  The test can include both multiple choice and true/false questions. 

To add a Test element:

  • Click the Manage Courses tab.  The Courses list is displayed.
  • Click on the name of the course.  The Edit Course Details window is displayed with a task list.
  • Click Manage Course Elements from the task list.

  • The Elements list for the course is displayed.
  • Click Add a Test From the Course Elements list.  The Add a Test window is displayed.  Enter the general information for the test.  Click on a field to see an explanation of what to enter.  Enter a time for Max Test Time and Default Max Time Per Question if students must complete the test and/or answer each question within a time limit.  Enter a number in Number of Questions to Include if you want DigitalChalk to randomly deliver that number of questions from a larger selection of questions you've created.

  • Click the Save button when you've finished entering the general information for the test.
  • The test you added is displayed on the Elements list, and the Edit Element Details window is displayed with a task list.

Now that you've created the test element, you can manage the details of the test by selecting the following from the task list:

  • Grading - Specify the number of points for each question.
  • Feedback - Specify a response for correct and incorrect answers.
  • Questions - Add true/false and multiple choice questions to the test.
  • Preview Test - View the test as the student sees it.  For more information, see Previewing an element or a course.
  • Show Test Key - Display and print the answer key for the test.
  • Completion - Specify completion criteria for the test. 
  • Revisit - Specify if, and how long after completion, you want the student to be able to go back and review the test. For more information, see Revisiting an element.
  • Availability - Specify when the student is able to take this test.
  • Visibility - Specify when the student is able to see this test as part of the course.
  • Activate - Make this test an active part of the course. Only active course elements are visible to the student taking the course. For more information, see Activating an element.
  • Copy this Element - Use this element as a template for another test. For more information, see Copying an element.
  • Delete this Element - Delete the test. For more information, see Deleting an element.
  • Notifications - Create a test completion notification.