The chalkboard timeline (the total duration or play time) is determined by the play time of the video file you choose, so you MUST add a video or audio file to the chalkboard before you can add any other items such as slides, chapters, or checkpoints.  You can only add one media file to a chalkboard, but you could externally combine multiple media files into a single file if you want to use more than one media file in a chalkboard.

The media file you choose must meet the following requirements: 

  • DigitalChalk currently supports the following video formats; .3GP, .AVI, .DIVX, .DV, .FLV, .MOV, .M4V, .MP4, .MPEG, .MPG, .WMV video files.
  • DigitalChalk currently supports the following audio formats; .AU, .MP3, .WAV, and .WMA files. 
  • The maximum file size supported for upload is 1GB (or 500MB for Legacy accounts). 
  • The duration of the media clip should not exceed 60 minutes.

To upload a media file, either video or audio, to a chalkboard:

  • Click the Manage Courses tab, then click on the name of the course.
  • The Edit Course Window is displayed with a task list.
  • Click Manage Course Elements from the task list.

  • The Elements list for this course is displayed.
  • Click on the name of the chalkboard element.  The Edit Element Details window is displayed with a task list.
  • Click the Edit Chalkboard from the list.

  • The chalkboard is displayed with a message that you must add a media file to the chalkboard to determine the play time.
  • Click Manage Media at the top of the chalkboard editor.  The Media view for the chalkboard is displayed.
  • Click the "+" icon.  The File field is displayed.
  • Click Choose File within the File field.  Your file selection window is displayed.  Select the media file for this chalkboard and click the Upload button.  You will see messages while the media file is uploading and when the upload (encoding) is complete.  This can take several minutes depending on your media file.  Do not navigate away from the Upload Media window until you see the message that the upload of the media file is complete, or the upload is cancelled and you will have to upload the file again.

  • The media file you selected is displayed under Media Details on the chalkboard. 
  • Click Choose to use the media file for this chalkboard. The media file is displayed on the Media line at the bottom of the chalkboard.  Video files appear as a small picture, audio files as a speaker.  The play time for the chalkboard is the same as the play time of the media file, so if you choose a 30-minute video for a chalkboard, the play time (timeline) of the chalkboard is 30 minutes.

  • When you’ve added the media file to the chalkboard, you can add slides, chapters, and checkpoints.