Q: What is the max Powerpoint size that can be uploaded?

A: Max size 500mb

Q: What formats can be converted?

A: PPTX files, or PPT files from Office 2003 or later

Q: What can they be converted into?

A: There are several options:

- From the Manage Course Elements page, "Import a WebArchive" will convert the PPT into a Web Archive

- From the Manage Course Elements page, "Import a SCORM Package" will convert the PPT into a SCORM file

- From the Manage Course Elements page, "Import PowerPoint" will convert the PPT into a SCORM file

- On the Edit Chalkboard screens / Manage Slides, the "Upload slides as images, zip files, or PowerPoint" will convert the PPT into a series of images that can be used as slides

Q: What kind of SCORMs does it create?

A: The converter creates "unscored" SCORMs. In other words, there will be no score reported from a SCORM created through PPT import. Viewing any part of the SCORM will mark it as complete.

Q: Can I use timed slides?

A: Yes

Q: What's with the navigation at the bottom (the rewind, play, fast forward buttons, timer)?

A: These advance the PPT to the next slide. Sometimes they are a little counter-intuitive, though. If there is an animation, it advances to the next animation step.

The timer is a bit odd, and doesn't really indicate an amount of time for the presentation. It does work for timed slides, but not others. Unfortunately, we can't get rid of this in the current version.

Q: Can I use animations?

A: Yes, as long as they are standard PowerPoint animations

Q: Can I use PowerPoint "canned sounds"?

A: Yes

Q: Can I use embedded audio / video?

A: It depends. The PowerPoint converter program converts a file to HTML5. If the audio or video file that is included in the PowerPoint is also supported by HTML5, then it will work.

However, there is the issue... not all browsers have the same support for HTML5 video and audio. For example, MP4 / H.264 encoded video works in Chrome, IE, and Safari, and it works on Firefox on Windows, but it does NOT work on Firefox on the Mac.

Unfortunately, there is no video standard that is supported by all HTML5 browsers that DigitalChalk supports. (This is changing rapidly though, and MP4 is *almost* supported on all). For now, though, I would recommend NOT embedding video.

MP3 audio is supported by all major browsers that DigitalChalk supports, so that is the recommended audio standard to embed in a PowerPoint.

If you need to look up a particular browser's HTML5 support, see this page: http://caniuse.com/mpeg4